Welcome to Randy Paris.com


Yep, that's me. Randy Paris. I'm an ACE (American Council on Exercise), AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Les Mills™ International and TotalGym GRAVITY™ Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

I am certified to teach four Les Mills International™ programs: BodyPump™, BodyFlow™, BodyCombat™ and BodyVive™. I've also completed the Body Pump™ Advanced Instructor Module 1.

At various times (including the present) I have practiced and/or studied (and am a big fan of) Aikido, Shito Ryu Karate, Iyengar Yoga, classic boxing and Olympic style volleyball, as well as free and machine-based resistance (weight) training.

Outside of the fitness world, I've accumulated 3 successful careers, 2 college degrees and various academic, technical and other certifications, all through the “follow your bliss" (aka nose) style of personal and professional development. I have merged this accumulated mess of education and experience into a daily mix of professional and personal pursuits that run from the silly and mundane to the meditative and dramatic.

What you'll find here

This site is dedicated to fitness issues and my work as a group fitness instructor. All the programs I'm certified in/by have web sites with great fitness information for fitness instructors and "class takers" alike, so one of the resources you'll find here are links to these great programs. Just click anywhere you see a highlight/link and you'll generally find something interesting, informative and useful.

"Life will kill you; make sure it’s worth it." - R. Paris